Wonderland Book Pin

Part of our "Wonderland" collection designed with artist Susan Joy Lu .

"I grew up with the books of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, having always loved stories that spark imagination of the impossible and Lewis Carroll does just that. While a lot of classic British children’s literature from my childhood focused on male protagonists, Alice is a fantastically flawed and adventurous female character that I easily identified with as she explores the world of Wonderland with curiosity (which often leads her into trouble)!

The theme of nonsense throughout the stories is fun and thought-provoking as Alice tries to act sensibly and ‘properly’ to all the characters she meets as she has been taught to, whereas the characters that are meant to be ‘grown up’ act in a childish and impulsive way that could only ever make sense in Wonderland." –Susan Joy Lu

Gold finished metal, 1 1/4" tall, 1 back post with rubber backer. Fabricated in China.
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